The Physics Of Science And Science

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We see our modern world filled with so many advances with technology and science. We usually do not think about science when using a smart phone or google to find information with one click of a button. Do we think about Chemistry when taking an antibiotic medication for an infection? Just about everything involves science and technology, but what would happen if one scientist didn’t discover one theory, a theory that can alter our advance society as we know today. This one man was credited as the founder of chemistry. “Chemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter” (Wikipedia, 2014). “Chemistry is chiefly concerned with atoms and molecules and their interactions and transformation” (Wikipedia, 2014). Our common notion is that we do not use science or chemistry in our daily lives, but the fact is we do, either directly or indirectly. Our modern technology is credited to the advancing field of science and chemistry. We’ve only seen and heard the word Atom when related to the video or images of Hiroshima, or in Cartoon characters such Marvin the Martian or Jimmy Neutron. Most of us , have an understanding of the atom as a monstrous tool used for War. It wasn 't until we get into our science or philosophy classes; we begin to understand the atom. What is an Atom? Why is it so important to understand what an atom is? The word “Atom” comes from the Greek Era, meaning “Uncuttable or Indivisible” (Wikipedia, 2014). When you hear the phrase Greek and Atom, the first name that comes to mind is Democritus. Greek philosopher Democritus, stated “that all matter and space was made up of tiny particles called atoms” (Schombert, Wikipedia, 2014). Atoms are important to und... ... middle of paper ... ...ule, open new laws to be discovered” (Schombert, 2014). Dalton’s quantitative relationship of atoms and weights gave a better understanding of an “Atom” which laid out a foundation for other scientists to contribute their discoveries towards an advancing field of chemistry and science. The Atom has been here since the beginning of the universe. Dalton’s “Atomic Theory” made it possible for other scientist and great minds of history to influence the “Atomic Theory” and understanding of Atoms we know and brought us many technological and scientific advances we have today and continue to thrive for. That is why John Dalton was given credit for the “Atomic Theory” and founder of chemistry. It is vital that every theory and contribution to science be discovered and reinvented. Without our innovation and hunger for knowledge we wouldn 't be where we are today.
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