The Personality Of Age In The Film Age Of Adaline

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The length of existence one has, is determined by age. Age is a temporary number revolving around time. Time is the ever changing factor in one’s existence. Time is captured from seconds, to days and decades. In the movie Age of Adaline, time may be an essence but aging is not. Every year that pass, the number representing one’s age increases by one digit. Over decades of time, individuals go through inevitable physical changes. The main character, Adaline, experienced an unnatural accident that stunned her aging. She has lived decades over the average life span. Adaline was forced to constantly conform from generation to generation as if she belonged in it. Using the Onion Model, I will dissect each layer of the model to explain how…show more content…
Except she is learning to live with the millennial generation. Only her daughter, who appears much older than she is, knows her secret. “People construct multiple, sometimes contradictory, identities through communication with others” (Duck & Mcmahan 2015, p.50). Constantly Adaline is preserving her identity to protect herself. She doesn’t want anyone to know the unexplainable truth about her identity. Therefore she hides her core identity and keeps personal relationships estrange. The onion model is traditionally made up of four layers (Duck & Mcmahan 2015). Cutting into the layers you will see the superficial, intimate, personal and core layers of one’s identity. Adaline 's superficial layer is what almost all of her personal relationships consist in. She has friends, coworkers and acquaintances that are only knowledgeable of her basic information. Such as name, age and occupation. Two of which are fabrications. To protect her identity she constantly has to change her name and move from place to…show more content…
Adaline discovered that decades ago she was once in love with Ellis’s father. Many years ago, she started to let Ellis’s father into her personal layer. When Ellis’s father went to propose she fled the relationship leaving him devastated. Towards the end of the film, Ellis’s father figured out that his son’s girlfriend was actually the Adaline he once knew (Krieger 2015). Once her personal identity was uncovered, she tried to run away. Upset and exhausted of leaving people heartbroken she drove off the road ending up in the hospital. Ellis visited her in the hospital apologizing for saying he loved her too early making her run away. Adaline then explained that he was not the reason for trying to run off like she did. Tired of assimilating to the identity that society has constructed for her she gave in (Duck & Mcmahan 2015). Adaline took the risk and indulged Ellis straight into her personal layer of identity. The secret of Adaline’s age has now been shared with someone other than her daughter. Adaline’s core identity can now be discovered. Letting Ellis in on her secret has given Adaline a chance to have a personal relationship based on who she really is inside. She no longer has to use her adopted identity with Ellis. Even though she still has to selectively choose who she exposes herself to, she now has a significant other that she can truly share her beliefs and values
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