The Perfect Body

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The idea of being a size zero has evolved itself over the past years, growing from a fad into an obsession. The perfect image was originally obtained by Hollywood stars and luckier women, but eventually, other girls began to obsess about molding themselves to look like others. The obsession to be thin and “perfect” is a new wave that has taken the world by storm. Today, it feels as if the pressure to have the perfect body to be a size zero is everywhere. The pressure of society’s view of the perfect girl is all around us. Books, magazines, television, and other types of advertisement and media all seem to be placing the image of perfection in the mind of teenagers everywhere. Even schools and other places that are supposed to help promote self-confidence can take the idea to extremes, sometimes crossing the line between demonstrating healthy living and promoting the fad of being stick thin. Even music has had an effect on the teenage girls’ psyche. Lyrics to songs which describe the perfect girl promote the idea of maintaining the perfect body even more. One of the main influence...

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