The Pearl Greed Research Paper

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Greed can turn anyone into a dangerous monster. In John Steinbeck’s The Pearl there are many examples of greed. One example would be when Kino, the main character, beats his wife over the pearl. Another example would be when Kino kills the trackers that followed him and his family though the mountains. The final example of greed would be when the doctor poisons the baby on purpose just for some money. Greed can be very destructive because of these examples from The Pearl.
The final example of greed in The Pearl is when the doctor poisons the baby just to get some money. Coyotito gets bit by a scorpion and gets sick from it. Kino needs the doctor to help him so he goes to his house and asks. The servant opens the door and says the doctor …show more content…

Kino, Juana, and Coyotito were hiding in the mountain because the trackers had stopped to rest by the water. The tracker with the rifle was awake while his two friends were sleeping beside him. Kino decided that the only way they could escape, would be to kill the tracker with the rifle and kill the other two. “ ‘There is a way,’ he said. ‘But they will kill you.’ ‘If I get the one with the rifle,’ Kino said, ‘I must get him first, then I will be all right. Two are sleeping.’ ” (Steinbeck 83) In this quote, Kino is telling Juana there is a way to escape safely. Juana replies saying the trackers will kill Kino. Kino said that he would get the one with the gun first and then kill the other two that are sleeping. After this, Kino started moving down the mountain slowly. He did not want the trackers to hear him. Then ,all of a sudden, a cry was heard from the mountain. The trackers thought it was a coyote. So the tracker with the gun, shot in the direction of the sound. Kino was in mid-dive as the tracker shot the gun. Kino saw the barrel light up. He stabbed the man in the neck and down to his chest. He took the rifle and swung at the second tracker. The third tracker tried to run away but Kino shot him too. “It bit through neck and deep into the chest, and Kino was a terrible machine now. He grasped the rifle even as he wrenched free his knife… He whirled and struck the head of the seated man like a melon. The third man scrabbled away like a crab… and then he raised the gun and aimed deliberately and fired.” (Steinbeck 86-87) In this quote, Kino is stabbing the tracker with the gun in his neck and deep down into his chest. It says Kino is a machine meaning that he is capable of killing all these men. He then grasped the rifle while he got his knife back. He swung at the man sitting with the rifle. The third man tried running away but Kino shot him. This shows that

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