The Not so Brave Little Toaster

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Technology itself is a rapid growing entity in our society. This direct relationship between modern civilization and the uninterrupted goal for advancement has become prevalent in our fast paced lives. As an outcome, this dependability for progression has begun to form a foreboding idea of a futuristic doom’s day. There are multiple individuals that view this devastating future may perhaps be brought on by our own machines. Specifically, these thoughts of an approaching techno future based disaster have led to multiple articles evaluating these notions. In particular the articles titled, “Why the Future Doesn’t Need us” by Bill Joy, “A Response to Bill Joy and the Doom-and-Gloom Technofuturists” by John Seely Brown and Paul Diguid, and “Promise and Peril” by Ray Kurzweil; all four authors take a stand on what their views are on how technology will affect the future. In the article Bill Joy’s, he takes a view that technology itself will be the cause of the future down fall of the entire human race. On the contrary, the article by John Seely Brown’s and Paul Duguid’s, the two authors take an utterly conflicting position against Bill Joy’s thoughts. They view Joy’s outlook as being an exaggerated view of only the negative side of technology that shadows the benefits that are currently present. Finally, the third article by Ray Kurzweil, takes more of a neutral stance between the first two articles, showing how there are both an optimistic and a deleterious side that is associated with technology. Each of these articles positions make an important contribution to our understanding of technology but after contemplation of the three mentioned articles, I have come to a decision that technology with its positive and negative sides will c...

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...turing industry they are all connected by some means. He also realizes how the stoppage of one field would fault advancement in all other fields of study destroying any advancement of society. As a result, Kurzweil presents the strongest argument on how technology will like affect us during the future.

No one truly knows what the future of technology has in store for humanity. As a result, technology may continue on its expanding growth progress that is thriving on in our present day culture or it may descend into devastation and chaos that may destroy the entire plant as we know it. The fate of technology will continue to be indefinite till the day these events occur but one fact is known. That from its first use a tool, to the vast improvements that are seen every day, technology has and always will continue playing a role affecting our lives as time continues.

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