The Negative Effects of Arachnaphobia

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A common everyday misconception is that phobias have a positive side effect on your personality, while in reality, phobias have a negative effect on you and your personality. For example, arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, causes one to have a change in personality changes, be unreasonable, and cause negative effects on your life. There have been many new discoveries made about phobias, and multiple treatments found, yet many people still find themselves facing an everyday dilemma when it comes to dealing with phobias.
Phobias usually pertain no real harm. For example, Arachnophobia (which is the fear of spiders) allows it victims to live in a world full of fear, while in reality even a black widows bite will only cause small noticeables symptoms, such as cramps and nausea in extreme cases. Death is only possible when the spiders venom interferes with other existing conditions, such as heart disease. Phobias such as arachnophobia prove themselves to be unreasonable and although some believe that fear is part of our fight-or-flight mechanism, phobias are simply unreasonable and unne...