The Negative Effects Of Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse is a mental disorder that has numerous negative effects to everyone involved. When a person has an addiction they turn into someone different, their brain chemistry is changed and brain cells are lost. From a nursing standpoint there are many things we must consider when caring for a person who has an addiction.
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Substance Abuse
I am suddenly awakened in the middle if the night by my phone that is ringing with a desperate tone, I answer to hear the dreaded words, “I 'm in the back of a cop car and need you to come get me.” This is just part of what it’s like to live in the house of a substance abuser. In this situation it’s hard to remember that although many …show more content…

Substance abusers seek this impairment for a variety of reasons such as to get away from reality or to escape their problems. In the process of getting this “high” their brain chemistry changes and they become addicted. “Addiction is the repeated compulsive use of a substance even after the person suffers from the physical, mental, and legal consequences” (Williams, 2011). Substance abuse causes many negative effects to the person who is addicted as well as their loved ones. Even though these effects are devastating, the person continues to use because their brain and body are reprogrammed to need the substance. When the person isn 't using the substance they begin to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. “Withdrawal is a physical response to the sudden cessation of a substance that has been used over a period of time; these symptoms are specific to the substance” (Williams, 2011). When a person is suffering from withdrawal symptoms they have mental and physical effects. These effects can range from sweating to seizures. Physical symptoms are usually the first step followed by mental symptoms, these two steps together can last up to a few weeks. (Melemis, 2016). I was recently able to observe at a substance abuse rehabilitation facility where I witnessed a client withdrawing. This client seemed to be agitated and anxious. Also he was very red in …show more content…

The patient may be able to sense if you have a negative opinion of them. Also, many patients with addiction may have ineffective coping, personal identity disturbance, and altered family coping along with many others. The patient will need support and access to resources. As nurses we must advocate for our patients, so in these situations we need to be actively doing this. The patient may need information about treatment and groups. During my observation at a rehabilitation facility, I saw firsthand that these patients need support. We need to provide the support and care that they need. (Observation, March 1,

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