The Nazi Regime

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The Nazi Regime In this essay I will be analyzing the statement; The most important reason why there was little opposition towards the Nazi regime was because of its use of propaganda. In order to do this I will explain how the Nazis actions and the events leading up to the war prevented opposition. During the pre ww2 era and particularly in the 1930s Hitler focused a lot of his attention on the propaganda surrounding himself and the policies of his Nazi party. A massive propaganda campaign was launched which aimed to convince the German people that all the Nazis did was right and good. The man behind this campaign was Josef Goebbles, a vain, ambitious, anti- Semitic womanizer. Geobbles campaign was so effective that opposing views would rarely have been visible publicly; however there were some instances, in particular one involving an attempt on Hitler’s life that showed that there was some opposition to the Nazi regime. This opposition involved communist and social democrat parties youth groups, churches and the army. An example of opposition arose when two members of the white rose organization, Hans and Sophie Scholl began distributing a series of anti Nazi pamphlets depicting the negative side of its regime. They were quickly dealt with by the Nazis and subsequently executed. The Nazi party also encountered political opposition during February of 1933 when the German Reichstag was set on fire. A Dutch communist called Marinus van der lubbe was blamed for the attack. However, many people believed that the fire was not the work of communists but instead a clever, Nazi engineered way of creating anti communist hysteria a... ... middle of paper ... ...tion to a minimum if anything at all. However, arguably the key factor that helped Hitler deal with opposition most effectively was his use of propaganda. The media was a very powerful weapon when it came to dealing with opposition and Hitler managed to control nearly every aspect of it. In doing so he influenced the minds of the German people and more or less controlled what they were listening to or looking at in terms of Germany’s image. Hitler also used propaganda to manipulate events (the Reichstag fire) and furthermore to boost his image which helped him to progress further in terms of his political status. From this we can see that Hitler intended for these factors to work together in favor of himself and the Nazis, so he could become powerful and any opposition that stood in the way of this could be dealt with.
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