The Movie Wreck It Ralph

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Labels Are For Binders, Not Humans Bad guys can be good and good guys can be bad as well. Stereotypes are not always true. Stereotypes are basically judging people without getting to know them, just because of their religion, colour etc. Never trust anyone because you don’t know who is being real and who is being fake with you. Humans judge too quickly, they do not even take the time to get to know someone. Usually media shows stereotypical kings as nice, a good leader and caring. In the movie Wreck-It Ralph, these theories are challenged when Wreck-It-Ralph (the bad guy) is actually a good guy who saves Vanellope von Schweetz from King Candy and reveals who, King Candy really is. King Candy does not care about anyone, but himself. The character, King Candy’s attitude is the opposite of a typical king because he is a greedy villain, a cruel liar and an evil monster. King Candy is a greedy villain, who wants to take over other games and be the best of them all. King Candy is actually Turbo, who is disguised as a king, so he can be the leader and always be the winner of Sugar Rush. In the beginning, one thinks King Candy is a good guy because he throws a handful of candy into the crowd, “Hello my loyal subjects! Ha ha! Have some candy!” (Wreck-It Ralph Online Script) Later on, he brags about the gold coin he won, which allows him to participate in the race. Turbo left his game and is pretending to be King Candy to take over Sugar Candy and he wants to win every race because he does not let anyone else win. “Turbo Time was by far the most popular game. And Turbo-- well, he loved the attention. Turbo takes the first-place spot on a podium. He blocks the second-place racer down with a wave of his trophy and blocks the third-place race... ... middle of paper ... ... King Candy challenges the stereotype of a good leading, a caring, a trustable, and an understanding king. Rather than that he is a greedy villain, a cruel liar and he is also an evil monster. Stereotypes are as real as rabbits becoming human tomorrow. Stereotypes are not always true. Such as women/girls are not allowed out after 10pm, but men/boys are or men are not allowed to do house work only women can and etc. Usually media judges a person, people or a group by a certain statement which is not always true to everyone. In Wreck-It Ralph these rules are broken and do not work. People judge without getting to know someone. Stereotypes are proven wrong in Wreck-It Ralph when King Candy acts totally opposite from a typically classified king. Looking at this, King Candy is not a good king or a good guy. I guess in the end all bad guys will get punished no matter what.
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