The Most Important Technology: Cell Phones

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When I got the assignment, I sat thinking about which technology I felt was most important in my life and became amazed about how popular, of all the technology, cell phones have become. It’s amazing that in our culture we make ourselves available every minute of every day. Many people don’t even have home phones anymore. Cell phones have become more of a necessity more than a need nowadays. They became an essential communication tool. Cell phone usage in the US has increased from 34 million to 203 million in the last ten years. Many may want to view the cell phone as your personal safety device, especially if you live alone, some distance from family, or. A cell phone could be the most valuable item in your pocket when a sudden issue arises, since pay phones are disappearing. We use cell phones for several different reasons such as entertainment/personalization, communication, and in case of emergency. Cell phones are important tool in everyday life to me. Cell phones may have affected people’s behavior and the way people socialize but without cell phones most important things wouldn’t happen in the world. Most things wouldn’t get done as fast. Procrastinating is also a thing of the past because cell phones are more convenient and easier to find. Proven studies also stated that men who had the most cell phone use had the lowest sperm count. Cell phones have affected me personally as a young person because I use to be more open and more of a people person with excellent social skills and I feel that they have declined ever since texting was introduced to me. I only pay for texting on my phones which is just twenty dollars a month so financially it doesn’t affect me but socially it doesn’t because I don’t have any c... ... middle of paper ... ... who may need to reach their in case of emergency contacts. In the event of an accident or having a medical emergency and non-responsive, the emergency personnel can use the cell phone to locate and dial you’re in case emergency. There is an estimated two billion cell phones worldwide, which means about 4.5 billion people go without cell phones. Most people wouldn’t be able to live without their cell phones. I’ve seen people have panic attacks when they lost their phones. Cell phones should be illegal in most states because some people don’t like being on the road because it’s unsafe nowadays to be on the road. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and it’s only going to increase with everyone using cellular devices while driving. Cell phones have corrupted us as a society in so many ways. I think this world would be better off without cell phones.
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