The Monsters and the Hunters

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I awoke drenched sweat and my heart racing, I looked around the room frightened fearing that there is a monster hiding somewhere in my room. I wiped the sweat from my brow as I slowly and carefully get out of bed, shaking. I began walking down the darkened hallway towards the bathroom, turning on every light that I could find. As I got closer to the bathroom I began to see a creature with long arms and snake like hair. My heart began beating like a drum at a band concert, my eyes widened in fear. I so scared I couldn’t stop walking closer I couldn’t control myself. I finally snapped out of it and darted for the bathroom light. Once it was the thing that I thought was a creature is actually just our family hamper with socks and long shirts.
I turned on the sink, filling my hands up with water and splashing the cold refreshing water in my face. I stared in the mirror repeating to my self “ Calm down Henry calm down.” After I calmed down I dried my brown hair, turned off the lights and began my slow decent down the stairs to breakfast. I lazily got to the table and slumped down in my chair, remembering that it is my least favorite time of the year. It is the dreaded 30 days of night this is why I hate living in Alaska.
“Good morning Henry” my mom said as she entered the kitchen.
“Good morning mom.” I replied lazily
At that moment I saw my dad walk in with the newspaper and I knew exactly what he was going to say.
“Morning son, have you read the news paper there are tons of new job applicants.” Dad cheeringly
Most families would not make a big deal about their father wanting them to take up a job or at least take up the family business, but this family isn’t like other families. Our family business is, well how do I explain it we...

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...o the ground hard leaving a scratch on my elbow. At that moment I saw the small bottle of GET AWAY GAS roll away from me. I scrambled after it but it was to late it fell down a crack in the floor. At last I saw it, this was no small goblin it was big, green, and smelly. I began to back up into a corner as it stepped closer, with its slobbering mouth. I shielded my self from it and closed my eyes just as it opened its mouth and dove at me.
Every thing was black until I opened eyes looking around my room and wiping the sweat and slobber from my scaly forehead. I began stomping my way down the stairs into the kitchen.
“Good morning, my little monster. How did you sleep?” Mom said
“Horrible, I had I nightmare that I was a human being chased by a bigger monster.” I replied
“ Well, at least it was all a dream. We are the only monsters the humans have to worry about.”
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