The Monster That Resides Peacefully Among Us

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On the night of September 7th, 2001 16-year-old Lindsay Armstrong was walking home after spending the evening with her friends in her small hometown of New Cumnock, Scotland. She rode the bus as far as it would go and then began to walk home as the clock ticked past 10 PM. As she was walking, a 14-year-old boy who Lindsay knew caught up to her, beat her, dragged her into a park, and raped her. He then threatened her life if she spoke about the incident and ran off. Filled to the brim with Scottish fight and determined to better the world, Lindsay promptly told her parents and the local authorities. Soon after Lindsay began to suffer from the common symptoms faced by rape victims and withdrew from her friends, her family, and her school due to severe depression. Through a lengthy trial, Lindsay was forced to hold up the underwear she was wearing under her clothes, verbally attacked by defense lawyers and her own accuser, and berated on the stand. Lindsay’s rapist was sentenced four years to juvenile detention and was released after two. Lindsay on the other hand killed herself a short time after the trial. Her father later commented “She said [the trial] was like being raped all over again.”(Beaven) In standing up in her own defense, reporting her trauma to the police, and facing her attacker in court, Lindsay did what 60% of rape victims refuse to do (RAINN). The judicial system of our society repaid her bravery with psychological and emotional torture. The treatment of rape victims in our society today is shrouded in blame, disbelief, and insensitivity. Furthermore, the culture surrounding the crime itself is one of downplaying, humor, acceptance, understanding, and even more insensitivity. Society’s immoral and uneducated outlo...

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