The Monster Dorian Gray

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In the Victorian era where vanity was the main attraction, Oscar Wilde’s

The Picture of Dorian Gray gave insight into the true horrors that came of

this sinful nature. Wilde was a very controversial figure and he meant to

stir the pot when he wrote this disputed story. He believed that literature

was not only meant for the imagination, but for the moral mind as well. In

The Picture of Dorian Gray he depicts the importance of becoming a well

rounded individual and also explains himself. In one of his many letters he

states “Basil Hallward is what I think I am: Lord Henry what the world

thinks me: Dorian what I would like to be- in other ages, perhaps.” He was

a man before his time and he exposed the reality that every person is a

sinner, including himself. Wilde used the world around him to portrait the

distorted view of the Victorian era he had come to know. (Shuman 1-2)

This wonderful story takes place in the glorious setting of London,

England, where we are introduced immediately to Basil Hallward and Dorian

Gray. Basil, an amateur artist, is stunned by Dorian’s appearance and is

compelled to paint him; he continually attempts to protect him from the

dangers of negative influences such as Lord Henry Wotton. Although, Basil

and Lord Henry are a choice pair of friends, Basil refuses to allow him

meet Dorian. As luck would have it, Lord Henry first meets Dorian while

he’s eloquently playing the piano and is immediately intrigued by his

youthful innocence. Dorian, being the naive young man he is, listens to all

of Lord Henry’s “quality” advice and from there on in he starts to


Dorian Gray had only returned to London because of the death of his uncle,

Lord Kelso, who left him all his affluence....

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