The Mission Of The Church Is Mission

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The Mission of the Church is Mission

However we look at the purpose of the Church in the world today we cannot avoid the fundamental truths that God created us to firstly have communion with Him; then to fellowship with others who have also come to believe in the saving work of Christ; and also to witness to the lost who live in our midst. These three things I believe are inseparable and I want to focus on the last point after making some brief comments about the first two.

God did not leave us in doubt about His love for mankind when we read throughout the Old and New Testaments about His provision of a way back to Him, even though it was Man who rebelled against God and so deserves His wrath. Many times we see how God made covenants (agreements with a promise) with men of old such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Moses, David, and countless numbers of prophets. Mostly the promises of God are that He is selecting a people for Himself, the children of Israel, and these special people are chosen to be a light to the rest of the world, witnessing God’s goodness and mercy to them. The aspects of God’s choosing and calling His people, and gathering them together as a community are preparatory for the ultimate purpose of God’s will – that all people on earth will worship God and receive salvation from Him.

Abraham was given the promise that he was ‘blessed to be a blessing’ (Genesis 12:1-3). While he never saw the fulfilment of this promise Abraham is remembered throughout history as the man who ‘believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness’ (Romans 4:3). The Psalmist tells us that all people are meant to ‘be glad and sing for joy’ as they praise God (Psalm 67). It was God’s intention that through His people God’s ‘way may...

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...ted or not, Jesus makes no distinction. We are called to witness to our neighbours (and our enemies if you can manage it), our friends, our relatives, our work colleagues, our classmates, even our bosses. And we don’t even have to venture outside the sphere of our own circle of influence. Imagine if all believers did that at least!

The Church doesn’t exist for itself, never has done. Our purpose is to carry on where Jesus began. During His life he went through all the towns and villages of Judaea and Galilee, telling people about the Kingdom of God, healing their diseases, casting out demons and raising the dead. It is through the Church today that Jesus wants this saving work to continue, and as we seem to have reached the ‘ends of the earth’, keep looking for those who need to be saved. Will you join me in saying and living “The Mission of the Church is Mission”?
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