The Mis-Education Of The Negro By Carter G. Woodson

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Carter G Woodson once said, “When controlling a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.” In the classic African American literature, The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson, highlights the African American experience after emancipation. The book displays the discrimination against the African American society by education, social class, and economic class. The book was written in the perspective of Dr. Woodson in the late 1800s. He was born in 1875 in New Canton, Virginia. Growing up in the South in a poor family; options for his future was limited. As an African American he had to work twice as hard to earn half of the opportunities a white man would receive. Woodson attended some of the most all white prestigious colleges in America. He decided to devote his finances and energies to an association which would help to overcome the inadequacies of the system which promoted mis-education. His goal was to ultimately break the circling cycle of mis-education within the African American society. Throughout the book, Woodson expresses his views and experiences as an African American, ‘Negro’ in the late 1800s. In the book, The Mis-Education of the Negro, the author illustrates how brain-washed the Negro has become come into accepting the role of inferiority assigned by the superior race.
First, The Mis-Education of Negro illustrates how the education system’s failure to present authentic Negro history in schools reinforces the black man’s inferior role. The neglect of Negro history is harmful to African Americans because it deprives the race from their whole heritage. The oppressors would do this to tarnish the African background in order to keep the African race inferior. Woodson writes, “In history, o...

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...426). The mistrust led to trying to shut down their own people’s businesses using the whites biased and teachings. Black businesses which were run by the uneducated were not supported because they were not adequate to run a business.
In conclusion, evidence from the book The Mis-Education of the Negro shows how African Americans were not only the inferior race, but accepted the role. Evidence from the neglect of Negro history in schools, the danger of assimilating, and the racial division in the Negro race has shown why African Americans have justly taken the inferior role. Education plays a huge part in gaining success in America. Therefore, education was essential to the African American’s success. Educated Negroes have gone to school and learned the biased of whites. Resulting in the mis-educated to graduate, then proceed to teaching and mis-educating others.

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