The Mexican Tacos

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What about tacos?
Have you ever been in Mexico and taste a taco? If not, pay attention to the next. Many people only know about one kind of tacos, but is there only one? The answer is no.
The tacos have a history of more than 100 yeas and it was created by farmers. The creation was to make it simple and faster to eat.
Tacos share the same similarity, all of them consist of putting the ingredients on a circle slide made of corn. The reason of this particular circular slice is because the circular surface allows human hands to grab the taco more easily. These circular slice made of corn are named as tortillas.
Tacos, for being one of the most popular and representative dishes in Mexico; it is very vast. It has many kinds, such as “Tacos de
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The name of this cuisine is Pozole. This is one of the most cultural cuisines in Mexico. It has existed for a long time and nobody knows how it came. It is well known by the colors of this soup that represent the Mexican flag.
This cuisine is very special, it can be a soup because is a liquid but it can also be a main dish while it has at least 40% made of different eatable ingredients. It is also considered as a dish while eating it alone make you extremely full. This is what makes it different from the other soups.
There are three types of Pozoles, the “Blanco” (white), “Rojo” (red) and “Verde” (green). The most common ones are the Blanco and Rojo. The Pozole are easy to recognize by the color of the soup. These Pozoles are named by the color of their basic spicy sauce that’s been cook for at least one hour. All the Pozoles has the same basic ingredients that are maize cacahuazintle, peanuts, meat, chicken, vegetables, and hominy. Without this ingredients, is not a Pozole anymore.
This is a very healthy cuisine while it contains protein from the meat, vitamins from the vegetables and they are also low
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