The Message in Film The Room

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The Message in Film The Room


The Room is a thirteen-minute colour film shot in 1991, on location on

the rough suburbs of New York City. The film is directed by Jeff

Balsmeyer, produced by William H Watkins and Jeff Balsmeyer and

written by Jeff Balsmeyer and Nathaniel Kahn.

It is difficult to put this film into one specific genre as it covers

a variety of genres. It is a domestic family drama, which explores the

lifestyle of a dysfunctional family struggling to cope with violence,

poverty, obsessional behaviour and mental illness, however the moving

image text concludes in a happy way, but there is a slight amount of

taboo language used.

This moving image text should be targeted at those who are fifteen and

above, for the reason that the serious issues covered in the film may

worry the younger audience.



The title of the film "The Room" is a definite article, which singles

the room in question out from any other room. The bluntness of the

title grabs attention. The title withholds information leaving the

imagination to run free, intensifying the excitement, but creating

uncertainty altogether, which builds up the tension.

I associate the film with being imprisoned in a small enclosed space

for an immense amount of time. The film could be a dream or a

nightmare, it could also be telling somebody's thoughts, fears or a

memory. It seems to be multi-layered.

Brief Storyline

The film begins with a small tour of the rough neighbourhood; we are

able to hear the everyday atmospheric sounds of the area. We are then

shown some "normal" families in contrast to the family in questio...

... middle of paper ...

...n happen to any

family, and that we should appreciate what we already have.

I felt it was similar to some other films I have previously viewed

such as: Matilda, The Sixth Sense and The Pagemaster.

Mental illness plays an important role in this film, and I didn't

realise how serious the illness could be until I saw this film, which

boldly attacks how the family are affected by it.

It is possible that Jeff Balsmeyer, the director of the film may have

come from or knows a similar family like the one the film is based on,

because not only did he direct, but produce and write the script for

the film, or he may just feel very strongly about the issues involved.

To watch the film, it is best to be in a serious frame of mind, and to

be open minded and optimistic, because there is a lot of new themes

revealed to you

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