The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare

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The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare

The "Merchant Of Venice" is a poem I have studied recently and will be

going on to describe it's four themes - Love/Hate/Friendship and

Money. I will go on to describe contrasting characters in the poem.

The theme Love is mostly shown through Portia & Bassanio, because all

she wanted was to have a choice in the man she married and the reason

she could not do this was because her fathers will had forbidde. When

Portia & Bassanio meet they really feel they want to be with each

other but she does not want Bassanio to chose casket straight away

because if he picks the wrong casket he must not see Portia again. He

feels there is no time like the present. He studies the caskets

carefully then chooses the lead casket and asks Portia for the key. He

opens the casket & surprisingly he sees a picture of Portia and scroll

permitting the man who opens the casket to marry his daughter and

tells them what else they will receive. Hate, hatred comes from

Shylock and his hatred for Christians so naturally Christians will

hate him. As Shylock is Jewish he doesn't feel like he should be 1 of

the crowd, he feels above the crowd. He lends money and makes money on

the interest. Antonio lends money to people with out using interest so

that Shylock will lose money. Antonio feels that Jewish are low and

shouldn't be allowed were Christians go, Antonio will spit & kick

Shylock as he passes as if it were a petty playground fight. In the

end after Shylocks hard as nails look he turns out to have feelings

like any other person.Although Antonio may seem mysterious, isolated

and weary-dissilusional he cares a lot for his friendship with

Bassanio and is willing to bite his tongue and ask the man he hates

most for money all because of friendship. Money only became an issue

because Shylock was Jewish & Antonio was a Christian, if there wasn't

a difference in religion Antonio wouldn't be lending out money for
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