The Media 's Influence On Women

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What price do individuals pay to become perfect, and who sets these standards for individuals? The media is responsible for putting these standards amongst individuals across the United States and the world. Men and women are always being critiqued on how they act, how they look, et cetera. Over the past decade, women have recently caught the attention of the media more than men have on how they structure themselves. The media has forced women to become an ugly truth. Women in the media have become objectified in advertisements, video games, TV, entertainment, movies, magazines, and websites. These different media outlets play a major role in shaping how women compare themselves to a beauty that is unattainable, and men begin to compare women in their own lives to these images that the media provides of women. This allows men to begin to see themselves as a higher power over women, and they become blind to the true meaning of what a woman is. The media uses visual-digital culture to provide society with social representations and constructions of women and gender differences. Video games provide a prime example of how women are portrayed in a negative view. This is seen in many video game cultures, and one might argue, how do video games provide individuals with a new facet where individuals may be able to explore new windows and aspects of one’s self?
On March 7, 2012, Sony Corporation and Quantic Dream teamed to together to create a new trailer for a video game that shows the social representations and constructions of women in our society today. The video game, “Heavy Rain”, begins to show the viewer the making of an android. The android is shaped liked a woman and becomes a humanistic woman. The man creating her begins to as...

... middle of paper ... with dissatisfaction with their own bodies and even their own ideas. Video games, like “Heavy Rain”, provide viewers with negative views and standards of how women should act and be treated. As a society and as individuals, we must stand up to these views and standards the media bestows upon women and begin to move towards unbiased standards for women to feel accepted and respected in our society. If society can allow these unbiased standards to shape and become the norm, then there is hope that societies across the world can improve on the way women are portrayed. With media being present on our streets, TVs, advertisements, social media sites, and technologies the battle for unbiased standards will be a long time coming. Men and women must take the responsibility to allow change in themselves before they can change the environment that surrounds them everyday.
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