The Media Hides the Truth About Beauty

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Beauty is a very abstract idea. As far as human beauty is concerned, in today's society there are celebrities and pop stars to look for as the ideal man or woman. At first this idea may seem pretty normal due to the amount of fame and fortune the celebrities have. On closer inspection, many of the celebrities have had various plastic surgeries to manipulate themselves into a so-called "perfect" form. Some famous people have so many surgeries performed on themselves one would believe they were a shape-shifter because every time they're seen something in their appearance has changed. The majority of this current era perception of beauty is spread through the media. In times where television was less prevalent people had no way to look at others. There were no movie stars and artists to look upon as a symbol of beauty. Now, the desire to look as good as a famous actor or pop idol sometimes deprives the American society of uncovering true beauty. In fact, young and old people suffer from diseases like the body dysmorphic disorder because they begin to believe that they don’t look good enough. This indicates that the idea of beauty in todays society has a negative affect on the population and manipulates the people’s self-esteem.

Elizabeth Landau, a CNN reporter, in her article "Body dysmorphic patients see details, not whole face" (2010), explains people are obsessed with one or more bodily features usually in the face, have the body dysmorphic disorder. She uses statistics to prove 1 to 2 percent of the population has this disorder. She uses this statistic in order to show why people seek plastic surgery.. According to Feusner, a psychiatrist at UCLA, "everyone else would consider them attractive but they don't consider themselv...

... middle of paper ... and how pretty one looks. These people treat beauty with disregard. Beauty is not a one-dimensional concept, it’s an abysmal realm containing a plethora of possibilities. Some aspects of beauty are having beauty on the inside such as a beautiful mind or heart. Beauty isn’t all about outside appearances because that doesn’t always define a person, however, that’s how some people are judged upon. People made fun of because of their appearance are treated unfairly and sometimes seek out things like plastic surgery to cope with their problems sort of like Heidi. Others want to look like a certain famous person and put forth all their effort into duplicating someone else when they should just be themselves. With today's obscure state of mind it's hard to imagine if the truth about beauty will ever be uncovered because the media will continue to influence the population.

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