The Major Effects Of Racial Profiling On Society

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Liberties Union (ACLU), “Racial Profiling refers to the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual’s race, ethnicity, religion or national origin.” ( The Human Rights Commission believes that “racial profiling affects peoples’ behavior, and jeopardized their future.” In addition, Human Rights Commission stated that, “some people are finally convinced that racial profiling is a part of society, and it is uncontrollable, and unstoppable.” (
Racial Profiling is wrong. There should be laws that make the use of racial profiling illegal, because it causes harm to people of different race, religion and ethnicity; moreover, it has a major effect …show more content…

It is not racial profiling if a police arrest person of color who is described as a drug dealer. He believes race is the major factor of racial profiling; however, it is not the only factor.” (qtd. in Ending Racial Profiling).
Some Advocators argued that racial profiling has a major effect on society. In Arrest Development, James B. Forman Argues that, “Blacks are usually the victims of racial profiling; he also argues that unlike the Republican leaders, the Democratic leaders have publicly denouncing racial profiling. Forman believes that racial profiling, turn the police against minorities instead of for them; moreover racial profiling corrupts the effect of equal treatment under the law.” (qtd in Crime and Criminals, 2004).
“Racial profiling is not a crime”, stated John Derbyshire who is a novelist, and contributing editor. According to him, it has been statically proven that black men are criminals and they are not always the victims; therefore, racial profiling is a tool used by police to convict …show more content…

Blacks suffer from the use of racial profiling, and police brutality. However, racial profiling has no real effect on whites. Your skin color should not be used to decide whether you are guilty or not. Being black is not by choice, but rather by destiny. Black children should not feel that they are less important based on their skin colour. Skin color has become evidence of the property to commit crime and police this evidence against social groups. Being black in America is more dangerous than being a terrorist. Black people are always on the lookout, because they don’t know when they are going to be kiledl only because they are black. White lives matter more than Black

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