The Main Points of the Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny was a concept developed by Polk; it was a plan for the Anglo-Saxon Americans to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean. In 1845, John L. O'Sullivan, described the annexation of Texas by extension, and the right to occupy the rest of the territory as a right of the American people. Manifest Destiny was a term used to justify the Oregon, New Mexico, and California Annexation. Manifest Destiny would become responsible for the annexation of Texas, but also responsible for the war with Mexico (1846-1848). Few Americans opposed, mostly abolitionists, but nothing was done about it. The end result would be liberty and economic freedom.
The 3 main keys of the Manifest Destiny were the virtue of the American people and their institutions, the mission to spread these institutions and the destiny under God to accomplish this work. These concepts were fulfilled by the Oregon treaty of 1846. Initially, Polk wanted land up to the 49th parallel, but knew Britain would not be so quick to negotiate. So, he set up a plot so he could obtain this with little to no conflict.
Polk approach...

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