The Lynx Effect: Hegemonic Male Advertisement

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To signify masculinity, this Chevrolet advertisement portrays many hegemonic male ideologies, such as the ability to be attractive to women, love of the outdoors and extreme sports, and confidence. The advertisement compares these ideologies to an average, shy guy, who through using a Chevrolet truck can obtain all of these hegemonic male ideologies. The advertisement utilizes the “Lynx Effect”(Feasey,2009) and sought after hegemonic male ideologies, to suggest that men strive to increase their masculinity through consuming products that reflect male hegemonic ideologies. For decades advertisements have been targeting mens insecurities in order to persuade them into consuming their products. These insecurities are their lack of masculine hegemonic ideologies. Hegemonic being dominant…show more content…
The “Lynx Effect” originated from ads of a mens fragrance company in Britain, which repeatedly showed average men attracting gorgeous women, just because of the scent of Lynx that the actor in the advertisement was emitting. The Chevrolet advertisement shows Kyle, an average guy, being able to attract “an increase of over %3000” to his dating profile through “trucking up” his profile and adding photos and videos of himself using and around a Chevrolet truck. Just as the Lynx body fragrance was able to get an ordinary guy to become a heart throb for girls, the new Chevrolet truck automatically made Kyle more attractive to girls. The concept behind the “Lynx Effect” is that it wants consumers to believe that “if the product can turn the ‘normal’ male into a magnet for the opposite sex, then it can perform this same feat for the young man in the audience”(Feasey, 2009). So it is clear to see how in the advertisement the “Lynx Effect” is used to target a large consumer base of average men, trying to acquire the same ideologies as Kyle, hopefully for similar

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