The Lindbergh Kidnapping

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The Lindbergh Kidnapping was such an unbelievable incident, that different states united together in order to mobilize their police units and their citizens to find the culprit. There were many ransom notes and a couple of encounters with the culprit himself, but at the end, justice prevailed. The parents of the baby were worried sick and due to the results of the kidnapping they were only more than happy when the culprit was caught, tried, and then executed.

Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., which was 20 months old, was kidnapped on March 1, 1932 at around 9:00 pm by a man who had used the ladder near the window to enter and escape with little to no noise. The woman in charge, Betty Gow, finally noticed about one hour later that the baby was missing and told the parents as soon as they got home. They began a search and as they were looking around, they found a ransom note, which told them that in order for them to have their baby returned to them they had to pay $50,000. Charles and Anne, the baby’s parents, contacted the police and asked for help with the investigation of this horrible crime. The Hopewell police were on the scene in a matter of minutes and had a thorough search of the whole nursery and found that one of the steps on the ladder was broken, there was a footprint in the mud which was unidentified due to the lack of clarity, and that there was some metal remains from the tools that the culprit had to use to break in.

Throughout the investigation there were many ransom notes that would tell them what to do in order for the baby to remain alive. Others told them where they could meet the person that was going to pick up the money, if there were any changes to the plans, or where to find other ransom notes with the in...

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...vent that showed the people that times were changing, that there really was a close unity between the states, and that something as unthinkable as this was just the start of things to come. The kidnapping was one of the most gruesome events in the 1930’s and proves that everyone who does evil will soon be judged.

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