Charles Lindbergh Murder Essay

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What man is so cold-hearted to murder a baby just to try to acquire some money? Charles Lindbergh Jr. was kidnapped in attempts to get some ransom money from his wealthy father, the famous pilot Charles Lindbergh. The murder of the child almost seemed to be an accident and that it was a slip up in the plan to kidnap the child. The man that all evidence points to and that was convicted was Richard Hauptmann, but a man named John Knoll might have been the mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder Charles Lindbergh Jr. The 20 month old baby, Charles Lindbergh Jr., was murdered on the day of March 1, 1932. He had just been put to sleep by his nurse, who was the last person to see the youngest child alive, when he was taken from his crib in the nursery on the second floor (“Lindbergh Kidnapping”). His body was accidentally found on May 12, 1932, half buried in the woods, 45 feet from a highway. The body’s location was only four and a half miles away from the Lindbergh estate. When Lindbergh Jr.’s body was found, his head was smashed, his skull had a hole in it, and was missing body members. The coroner’s examination placed the time of death about two months prior, placing the time of death in March, the same time he was kidnapped (“Lindbergh Kidnapping”). After completing the report, it is obvious that a deeper look into the unsolved murder is the next step. Nothing will be overlooked; no information let slip between the cracks. To get closure for Charles Lindbergh Jr.’s family, an extensive analysis must be administered to break down the information, and single out a possible killer. The scene of the crime where baby Lindbergh was kidnapped had very little to point to any real suspects for months after the kidnapping. The nurser... ... middle of paper ... ...nnocent throughout the entire case, “the evidence and intense public pressure were enough to convict Hauptmann and he was electrocuted in 1935” (“Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped”). Most the evidence and the trial all pointed to Bruno's involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh Jr. The right man was convicted of the crime, but not all the men in the crime were convicted in the court of law. Although, John Knoll, the one believed to be the mastermind of the kidnapping and the man that matched the description of ‘Cemetery John’, had justice served when he died from a fall off a ladder, the same way baby Lindbergh died when the kidnapping went wrong (“The Face of ‘Cemetery John’”). Even though John Knoll theoretically got away with playing a large role in the crime of the century, and was never convicted, ironically was punished for his wrongs the right way.

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