The Life of a Pharmacist

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Nancy Kicklider was born in the United States in the mid-1970s. A Marietta, Georgia, native, Nancy has traveled over United States multiple times throughout her life. Upon entering high school, Nancy and her family moved to Wedowee, Alabama, two hours shy of Marietta, Georgia. She graduated from Randolph County High School, which is positioned in Wedowee. Although over the years Randolph county high school has had an increase in their graduation rate, a high number of students do not pursue a further education once they have graduated. Nancy, however, beat the statistics she decided to attend college. Nancy retrieved her bachelor’s degree in science from the Wynyard University before attending medical school. She constantly thought of obtaining a career that would allow her to help people in the uttermost profitable way. “I wanted to be a doctor, but I figured that medical school would be extremely lengthy, so I decided to pursue pharmacy instead; it turned out to be one of the most outstanding decision I ever made.” Nancy would urge any young person interested in medicine t...

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