The Life of a Fashion Designer

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Fashion designers create clothes and are granted opportunities to attend fashion shows and travel the world ("What They Do"). To onlookers, being a fashion designer seems to be all about glitz and glamour, but in reality, there is more to it than what they perceive ("What They Do"). Because they craft original garments, accessories, and footwear, being a designer is a challenging and tedious job ("What They Do"). They sketch designs, select fabrics and patterns, and manage the production process ("What They Do"). Designers are also involved in every part of the production process. From coordinating shows to marketing and working with various people, they work hard to accomplish their vision, ultimately building their personal brand ("Fashion Designer Career Working Environment"). Fashion designing is a demanding and highly competitive career, which requires dedication and a great deal of education, but following such preparation comes vast opportunities in the field. ("Summary").

Before anyone decides to become a fashion designer, they must consider the education that is needed to be a successful designer ("How to Become One"). The specific education that may be required by a future employer will differ depending on what they expect to be done ("Fashion Designer Career Working Environment"). A high school diploma is a necessity for becoming a fashion designer. Courses such as art or graphic design, home economics, mathematics, chemistry, and psychology are beneficial in the career of fashion design ("Fashion Designers" Encyclopedia). A student may decide to attend a postsecondary school upon their completion of high school ("Fashion Designers" Encyclopedia). However, neither an undergraduate or graduate degree, nor a certificat...

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... process of collecting fabric and creating them into samples ("Fashion Designers" Encyclopedia). CAD allows designers the ability to easily adjust a garment on virtual models while also being allowed to try out different colors on the design ("What They Do"). Shortly after a designer has come up with their idea and sample, they exchange the information with executives or clients ("Occupation Profile for Fashion Designers"). The designer and the client or sale representative then go on to arrange a meeting to showcase the designs at fashion shows or trade shows ("Occupation Profile for Fashion Designers"). Finally, the designers market the design to vendors or directly to customers. To finalize the production process, designers may choose to ship directly to the consumer, without having to invest in a physical shop to showcase their products lines ("What They Do").
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