The Life and Writings of Kurt Vonnegut

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Kurt Vonnegut is celebrated as one of the most successful novelist in the Post-Second World War period in the America. His literary works have had varied impacts on American culture, including the use of the word “karass” amongst college students, the naming of the pop groups “Ice Nine Kills” and “The Billy Pilgrims”, and the frequent use of the term “So it goes” as written in Vonnegut’s obituary on the New York Times (Farrell, p.ix). This article examines the impacts of Vonnegut’s on his literary work. It reviews the influences of his childhood experiences, his education, service in the army, and employment at various settings on his work as a writer. His work caught the attention of a larger audience due his simplicity and humor which underlined the seriousness of the social and philosophical issues he was handling in the twentieth century (Morse, p.15). Vonnegut’s literary works are also acclaimed for ushering in the postmodern era in the American art. Together with a number of contemporary novelists like Andy Warhol, Vonnegut’s work illustrates socio-cultural struggles in the postmodern era (Farrell, p.ix). Vonnegut’s literary works, although conveyed in humorous tone and cartoonist characters, seeks to explain the purpose of human beings’ existence and their pursuits in daily life. As recognized by Farrell: “He frequently used the techniques of metafiction (fiction that calls to attention to its own artificiality) to examine questions of narrative and the relationship between art and reality. But perhaps most important, Vonnegut’s fiction offers a scathing critique of social injustice, war, and environmental degradation while managing simultaneously to express love and compassion for the weak, bewildered, and often ... ... middle of paper ... ...entury. Works Cited Allen, William. Understanding Kurt Vonnegut. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1991. Farrell, Susan. Critical Companion to Kurt Vonnegut: A Literary Reference to his Life and Work. New York, NY: Facts on File Press, 2008. Klinkowitz, Jerome. Kurt Vonnegut. London,UK: Methuen, 1982. Krementz, Jill. Kurt Vonnegut. Viewed on April 20, 2011 /pdfs/vonnegut.pdf. Lee, Robert. Timequake, New York, NY: Westminster Press, 1982 Morse, Donald. Kurt Vonnegut. San Bernardino California: Borgo Press, 1992. Sickles, William. Natural history of the mind: (new views on the relatedness of life), Mahwah, NJ: Nova Publishers, 1997 Vonnegut, Kurt. (a) Palm Sunday: An autobiographical Collage. New York: Delacorte Press, 1981. Vonnegut, Kurt. (b) A man without a country, Ontario, CA: Seven Stories Press, 2005
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