The Life and Transcendental Poetry of Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What if everyone always questioned themselves and never trusted their gut? If not for one of the central figures in American literary history, Ralph Waldo Emerson, then this statement might be true. Along with many other things that are true in today's writing, such as the using of transcendentalism in many styles of poetry. Without transcendentalism and Ralph Waldo Emerson, there wouldn't be many great works of poetry today such as: Brahma, Concord Hymn, and Each and All. Ralph Waldo Emerson was considered by many to be the central American figure in literacy, His transcendentalism deeply affected his writing, making it his poetic them found throughout his poetry, such as: Brahma, Concord Hyman, and Each and All.

Part One: Biography

Biographical Facts

When Ralph Waldo Emerson first came into this world, a future star of literacy was born. Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on May 25, 1803. He was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He lived a prosperous life full of sadness and success. When he died of pneumonia, America lost one of its greatest stars. His work was not in vein, because he did influence some of the greatest American poets to ever live. Ralph Waldo Emerson lived 79 years until his death on April 27, 1882, in Concord, Massachusetts. These biographical facts are very important, this because if not for them, he might've been an entirely different person.


Ralph Waldo Emerson's family, friends, and relationships all influenced his life deeply. Emerson was one of seven children; and was the third of the seven born. His father, William Emerson was a pastor for the Unitarian Church in Boston. William Emerson was also a chaplain to the state senate, also being an edi...

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...important facts about Emerson's life.


The central American figure in literature he was considered to be, his Transcendentalist writing style of poetry, like Brahma and Concord Hymn. If not for these works of poetry, who knows what the world would be like today. Along with the transcendentalist types of writing Robert Frost, Walt Whitman etc. used. Yes if not for Ralph Waldo Emerson the central American figure in literature, the world of literacy sure would be different than it is today. "The prophet of his generation," Mark Van Doren calls him, Ralph Waldo Emerson truly was a very important figure. If you've ever decided to trust your gut in your life, thank Ralph Waldo Emerson for that, because if not for him all of our lives could be very different than they are today. So if everyone didn't trust their guts, than Ralph Waldo Emerson didn't live
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