The Life and Times of Edgar Allan Poe

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Once Upon a Midnight Dreary: The Life and Times of Edgar Allan Poe Throughout time, Edgar Allan Poe has been recognized as a famous writer that wrote about his tragedy of a life. Just thinking of his name, Poe, makes one think about his dark felt Poems. Most people believe that Poe had to be depressed or even evil to write his historic writings. He had to deal with a numerous amount of death of love ones throughout his lifetime. Though he had to deal with death and depression he became one of the United States famous authors of all times. Many describe Edgar Allan Poe’s life as a mire tragedy that produced a genius. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19 of 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. Poe was described as a handsome or an attractive man; “Poe, himself, is a very good looking fellow” (Simms qtd. in The Poe Log). His clothing was described as simple and black; “He dressed always in black, and with faultless taste and simplicity” (Weiss). He had pale color skin with a good complexion. His hair color was as dark black as a raven’s wing. When he was three years old his biological parents, David and Elizabeth Poe past away. David and Elizabeth Poe had three children Henry, Edgar, and Rosalie. When his parents died he was adopted by his step mother and father the Allan’s; they were tobacco exporters of London. Poe lived a luxurious childhood, going to good academic schools, even moving with his family to London, and continued his studies at a boarding school. When he was a teenager they moved back to US, because the Allan’s tobacco company was failing. He continued his high school career at local private academies. There he had a huge crush on a school friend’s mother. The mother die and Poe took it personally. After he was all grown ... ... middle of paper ... ...ring young writers of all kinds. He accomplished a lot in life like becoming a Sergeant major in the army. He also wrote and published many famous poems and writings. He also obtained the name the father of American short story. He was a leader of the American romance movement. Though his life he accomplished a lot, and had a lot of heart ache. All of his loved ones died and deserted him. He was said to be depressed as a result of all the death he went through. His life in the end was a mire tragedy that produced a literary genius. The name Edgar Allan Poe will live throughout history for all times. Bibliography “Edgar Allan Poe.” 2014. Web. 3/28/2014. “Edgar Allan Poe. Biography.” 2013. Web. 3/28/2014 “The Poe Log.” 2013. Web. 2/28/2014 Wilson, James. “Poe’s Life.” 2013. Web.3/28/2014

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that edgar allan poe was recognized as a famous writer who wrote about his tragic life. most people believe that he had to be depressed or evil to write his historic writings.
  • Analyzes how edgar allan poe's life was a mire tragedy that produced genius.
  • Narrates how poe dropped out of college and joined the united states army under the name of edgar a. perry. his step-mother mrs. allan was on her death bed and wanted to see him one last time before she died.
  • Explains that edgar allan poe took on many professions, including novelist, magazine editor, critic, and of course a poet.
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