The Life and Poetry of Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe was not your typical poet. He had a very depressing life, and that has influenced the majority of his works. He was in the military, had his wife die prematurely, and had the constant struggles of life crashing down on him. Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer who used mystery and lost love as popular themes to intrigue many readers to pose questions regarding death and romance. His parents supported him, allowing him to be educated, but that would eventually lead to failure.

Poet and literary critic, Edgar Allan Poe, was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Edgar Allan Poes’ parents died when he was young and was taken in by John and Frances Allan. His birth parents, David and Elizabeth Poe died roughly around 1810. Edgar Allan Poe was baptized in 1812 by the Allan family in the Episcopal Church. His adoptive parents were wealthy merchants and allowed Poe to be educated in many schools around Europe and the East coast. The Allan Family never formally adopted him, but they left him great sums of land, but those were taken back due to Poes’ alcohol abuse and gambling problem while attending the University of Virginia.

Once Poe said that his writing was pure nonsense and didn’t have a reason, but his works have touched many, even today. Edgar Allan Poe was married to his cousin, Virginia Clemm, who may have influenced his writing by her death. Nevertheless, Poe’s depression, may have been the true reason behind his writing. He had many unfortunate events and writing might have been his escape from the chaos besides his alcohol abuse. Poe writes in his essay The Philosophy of Composition that “A close circumscription of space is absolutely necessary to the effect of insulated incident:—it has the ...

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...Lowell and he may have been a bit crazy from the alcohol abuse but his writing has impacted everyone. His themes are used wonderfully, and he has mastered the art of poetry through his different and intriguing dark gothic genre.

Edgar Allan Poe was a poet mainly known for his dark gothic genre, and his favorite topic of a beautiful woman whose life has ended. He was depressed during his life and even tried to commit suicide, but was unsuccessful. His dark poems on love and death are very enjoyable to read. He knows how to perfectly combine both themes beautifully. Edgar Allan Poe was a great poet and writer. He masterfully invented mystery poems and used lost love as popular theme to captivate his readers. Edgar Allan Poe was a notable American poet. He was not a hero or an idol, but he challenged the very morality of life, and the utter void moments in life.
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