The Life and Works of Edgar Allan Poe

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Known for his mystery, macabre and detective fiction genre, Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most remembered poets of all time. Usually when people think of him, mind images of premature burials, murders, madmen, and mysterious women who are taken back from pure death like some zombie-like creatures comes to mind. In 1809, Edgar was born the second son out of three, two of which became actors. After the death of his mother and father at the age of three, John and Francis Allan raised him in Virginia. Edgar was sent to the best boarding schools and later on attended the University of Virginia where he was successfully academic. He was forced to leave due to refusement to pay his gambling debts. In 1827, he moved back to Boston and enlisted in the United States Army where his first poems titled Tamerlane, and Other Poems were published.
In 1835 he began to sell short stories to magazines and became the editor of the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond. His brother Leonard Poe was a poet before his death, and Poe was thought as being morbid and mysterious. Humiliated with the fact of poverty, he moved back to Richmond and from being broke and alone there, he moved to Baltimore. The first night he was back in Baltimore he was robbed by his cousin. He made several calls to people to find a place to stay, and the only person who took him in was his Aunt Maria Clemm. From his aunt Maria, he was introduced to his younger cousin Virginia. Poe who was around the age of twenty seven married his cousin Virginia who was the short age of twelve. They loved each other so much that they wrote one another poems to exchange their love, and sang together every night before bed. In 1846, Poe moved to New York to continue his writing but was shortl...

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...wrote poems the way he did. When he and his wife Virginia were still alive, they found out from a doctor’s record that a doctor checking up on Virginia found out that Poe had a brain fever. From that finding, rumors of epilepsy and diabetes spread. Eventually the disproved of him ever having rabies since hydrophobia ceased to exist.

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