The Life and Achievements of Charles Lindbergh

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Looking back upon the decade, the 1920s has been filled with many individuals who have changed our society. But there is one person who stands out among this group of people, Charles Augustus Lindbergh. Charles Lindbergh was the first person to fly solo overseas, thus winning the Orteig Prize for his accomplishment. Nicknamed “The Lone Eagle”, Lindbergh has opened up the possibilities of overseas travels to us.

Lindbergh’s passion for mechanics didn’t come as a surprise to many. As a young boy, Charles seemed to be very interested in the family’s motorized vehicles, such as the Saxon Six automobile and Excelsior motorbike. But after starting college in the fall of 1920 as a mechanical engineer, his love for aviation started to bloom. Deciding that the field of aviation was more exciting, he dropped out within 2 years. He then decided to take lessons at the Nebraska Aircraft Corporation’s flying school and was up in the air for the first time on April 9, 1922 when he was in a two seat biplane as a passenger. But his solo flight would not be until May 1923 at the Souther Field in Americus, Georgia, an old flight training field where Lindbergh came to buy a World War I Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny” biplane. It only took half an hour to practice with another pilot at the field to decide that Lindbergh was ready to fly the plane himself. After a week of practicing, Lindbergh took off on his biplane on his first solo cross country flight and few weeks after that, achieving his first nighttime flight near Arkansas, both marking huge milestones for the young pilot.

In October 1925, Lindbergh was hired by the Robertson Aircraft Corporation to lay out, and then serve as the chief pilot for a 278 mile air mail route to provide services between St...

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...he flight to Paris, and a detailed account of the plane. Actually, this book was first written by a reporter, but Lindbergh hated it so much, he simply decided to rewrite it all by himself. The title of the book signified Lindbergh’s spiritual connection with the plane.

Lindbergh also inspired many people to create works based on him. For example, a documentary created 2 years ago showed Lindbergh’s famous flight to Paris, postage stamps were created to honor Lindbergh, Mickey Mouse imitates Lindbergh in a short film last year, a song called the Lindbergh was released after the flight, and a lot more. Charles Lindbergh has revolutionized the world to us today, opening up the possibility of air travel for average citizens, like us. As of now, Charles Augustus Lindbergh is Time’s youngest Person of the Decade. Thank you, Charles, and we will always be in your debt.

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