The Leadership Style Of Abraham Lincoln And Charles Darwin

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In the 19th century, two revolutionaries who shaped the world’s way of thinking were born on the same exact day and year, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. These two meticulous, well-spoken leaders made advancements that no other man had ever succeeded in their fields, one in politics, and the other in biological sciences. Besides their identical birthday, they also shared many traits and writing styles. Lincoln and Darwin each allocated time to master specific areas and revised their pieces non-stop, always striving for perfection in order to be satisfied. Although each man improved their fields drastically, Lincoln improved life for many people whilst Darwin’s ideas were already being discovered at the time he released his findings. Lincoln…show more content…
This was basically a required attribute for a president at this time as America was experiencing many rough changes and uprisings. In early life, Lincoln was very flexible in choosing a career choice and kept his education options open throughout life. His strong leadership style allowed for easy debate through his career in politics and his outgoing personality was very likable. Lincoln possessed copious amounts of wisdom and kindness which appealed to many voters as these qualities shined through his speeches and debates. Within his first year of being president, the USA had little organization that could be suited for vast war operations as the American Civil War began. A large threat of other countries joining in on the war pressurized Lincoln to respond fast and efficiently. He developed very strategic thinking, despite his lack of knowledge and experience with war promptly. Lincoln was faced with the greatest threats to federal authority in the history of the United States, and, in the end won the war for his side, keeping America together. On the contrary, Darwin was not a social, easily connectable person, as most of his friendships were conducted through the mail and he seldom left his home. Darwin’s self-purpose in life was to examine and then make sense of his recordings compulsively until he felt they were excellent for publishment. He…show more content…
Charles Darwin did indeed change the ideas flowing through biological science in terms of evolution and creation, but many other ideas quite similar had already begun to surface in the field. Darwin 's ideas could be replaceable with that of other scientists, but a man of such caliber as Abraham Lincoln is a once in a lifetime human and is his actions, words, and presidency is truly

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