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682 words

• For this activity I chose to read the book “The Last stop on Market Street” by Matt de la Peña. The story is about a boy (CJ) and his grandmother (Nana) taking their daily Sunday bus trip across town. However, this Sunday CJ seems to be noticing the differences between himself and others on the bus. On the bus ride CJ’s Grandmother shows him how to respectfully interact with different races of people. As well his grandmother shows him to see and respect the beauty in the low-income neighbor that they are in. I believe this book is of good use when teaching a unit centered on living in communities. This book will provide students with a structure that will help them discuss their own communities and how to treat others of different races. …show more content…

• These critical thinking questions can be used to help the students with oral language development and which can lead into literacy development The critical questions get the students to think about the world around them and how it is different for other person. A way that these questions could lead into a literacy development activity is to have the students write about things that they are grateful about or even write about a special moment or trip that they had with an adult. This questions help the students realize everyone is different and that we all come from different place and we should respect each other. • Centers throughout the classroom will be set up to promote further understanding and creativity of their own communities and the communities of others. The centers will also be organized so that the students will be able recognizing the differences of people and be able to show respect towards all people. To start off the unit, the students will bring in a picture of their families and there will be a map of the city which shows the different neighborhoods and the students will place their family picture in their neighborhood. The map will be hung in the classroom so the students can see the different neighborhoods their classmates come

In this essay, the author

  • Recommends reading "the last stop on market street" by matt de la pea for a unit centered on living in communities.
  • Explains that this book provides plenty of different themes (relationships among community members, being fair, and ways of participating in the community) which will help the student to learn about their own neighborhood and be appreciative of other outside of their communities.
  • Describes some critical thinking questions that the teacher can use to start a discussion about communities and the relationship among community members.
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