The Last Letter

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Why should one write a letter? Now that the Internet exists and in just a few clicks and a "Welcome, You've Got Mail", one could send instant messages, email, or web cam, and in less than 30 seconds one receives a response. A phone call could be made in the time it takes for the writer to get the paper to write the letter, and then brainstorm about what to write, and how to write the letter. One could have picked up a cell phone and dialed five telephone numbers and could have carried at least three efficient conversations. The major reasons for the decline of letter writing include, the decline in handwriting skills in American classrooms, increase access to the worldwide web and all its advancements, and the urge to talk and go has a cell phone attached to every Americans ear. Although, the trend for a faster and more efficient technological age continues to increase letter writing is still a longer lasting conversation, which does not fade away with the hit of a button, or the hang up of a phone line. Computers have taken the place of the pencil and paper in today's classrooms across America. In the average elementary classroom, students begin their year learning the sound and shape of the English alphabet. This continues to be a trend across America, which in more recent years has adopted also the Spanish alphabet in the primary learning experience. Now a students classroom time is cut in half to learn two separate languages, English and Spanish. This brings less time in the classroom to focus on the curves, and loops if the English alphabet, and with this less time teachers are forced to redesign the teaching of the alphabet from a black board print to pointing to keys on a keyboard. When the American classroom g... ... middle of paper ... ...he time it took to brainstorm the introduction and thesis statement to this essay (one hour), one could have learned half of the alphabet, in print and in cursive handwriting. In the time it took to write the body paragraphs of this essay one could have instant messaged over 25 friends, typed and emailed 10 well written letters, and could have come in contact with over 1500 people in less then 10 chat room visits. In the 150 words in this paragraph one could have typed over 30 text messages averaging at least five words per message. So why would one choose to laboriously write a letter by hand, when technology gives an advantage. As society pushes for everything to be easier, and faster pencil and paper will become history and the streams of technology commodities and with this letter writing is another lesson taught to an ignored hand in an English classroom.

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