The Kite Runne by Khaled Hosseini

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Friendship is something that is greatly valued and respected, in which it allows others to come together cross; race, religion, nationality, sexuality, and culture. It’s that bond that manages to bring individuals together, despite all these differences. It shows how people are more alike in ways than different. In both Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and John Boyne’s The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas we are introduced to two outwardly very different young boys. These children manage to come together and become friends creating a strong bond. Despite the situations going on in their lives, with; war, religion, and adults, they show the judgmental world around them, and become friends.
In the story of The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas we are introduced to a nine year old boy named Bruno. He is forced to move away from his home, where all of his friends and family are, as well as his memories. But Bruno is supposed to be happy and honored, they are moving because his father has been promoted and given a highly important job within the government. The family packs their bags and move to a fairly isolated new area called "Out-With". At Out With Bruno has a difficult time making friends, and just being a kid. The only people there are his workaholic father, naïve mother, infatuated sister, soldiers, and the servants.
One day Bruno ventures outside the confines of his home and comes across a small boy in stripped pajamas beyond a barbed fence. Bruno approaches the Shmuel and the two slowly learn about each other and become friends. They learn they are the same age and the pair as a whole just enjoys each other’s company. One day Bruno has a conversation with Shmuel and notices that he seems upset about something. Shmuel tells Bruno t...

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... similarities, considering they take place during different time periods, and in different locations of the world. Two groups that are supposed to be mortal enemies, and despite this two children from different sides manage to become friends. It shows that though however different we may be made out to be, we are all the same in the end. Amir and Bruno struggle with this concept in their stories due to the influences around them, but by the end of the story they realize what the true meaning of friendship is, and despite differences it is boundless.

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