The Kidnapping of Princess Emily

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The Kidnapping of Princess Emily: One day the princess decided to go to the antique store to see if there was something unique that she would buy. She tried to disguise herself, because of what some of the people thought her step-sisters said about her. She put on this peach dress that had little yellow roses, wore white heals, and put on these thin velvet white gloves. Her yellow hat had a blue ribbon. She entered with poise into the carriage that was ready just for her. The horses were brown with the yellow ribbons that were decorating them with a black harness around them. The carriage had brown interior that shined; which was very relaxing to sit on. The outside the carriage had these gold designs on them. The driver took the reigns in his hand; with one motion of his hand got the horses to start galloping. On the way as the warmth of the sun came through the window of the carriage, and the smell of the sweet fragrance of the spring blooms filled the air. The princess just knew her prince was out there; as she fantasized dancing with the one she has always dreamed about. Dancing with her prince; holding her gently in his arms she knew that anything could be accomplished in life. There was so much love in his eyes destiny seemed it would happen. Suddenly, the three bandits Jesse, Mark, and Luke rode up and surrounded and seized the carriage. They had a piercing stare that seemed to go right through the princess. At first, the princess had a terrified look on her face, but still had compassion on these men that did not seem to have a care in the world. They wore auburn colored shirts with a jacket that was brown with white fringes that dangled down from their sleeves; wearing black cowboy shoes, auburn colored pants, and a ... ... middle of paper ... ... her own grave; along with her family. The bandits received the ransom of $10,000. Jesse said, if you pursue us to get revenge, we will come back and put you in your own grave with your family. Jesse and Mark were going to show the princess they met business, they took the princess back to where her grave was dug, and had her dig a grave for each of her family members. Jesse said, this is just in case you change your mind. She said, I will not reveal who you are, but now that you have your money I want you to leave this town. Jesse had a smirk and said, princess, I guess we go on our way, but one thing, just remember what I said about what will happen to you and your family. The princess knew some how they were not telling the truth. They received their ransom of $10,000, and so the princess returned back safely into her parents arms, and life went back to normal.

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