The Key Change Needed for an Alcohic to Recover

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The spiritual experience is about the personality change that occurs in mind of an alcoholic. This change is the ultimate key that unlocks the door to recovery. Additionally, the appendix describes how the process of recovery is paved with religious experiences. It is believed that a religious experience must be sudden or spectacular. However, the appendix states that everyone's experience is personal and unique. However, this is a very difficult experience to embrace. This is the very element that forces alcoholics to finally confront and overcome their inner demons. Alcoholic's hopeless attempts to control his/her addictive behavior are made more difficult by his/her inability to become spiritually available. This phenomenon is very hard for alcoholics to acknowledge and accept and only when he/she accepts these facts can he/she begin the recovery process. This process starts with the alcoholic first opening his/her mind up to a greater power and being honest with one-self. The chapter described how important it is for alcoholics to discover and use his/her inner spiritual represe...

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