The Joy Of Reading And Writing : Superman And Me

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In a world dominated by technology, reading novels has become dull. Instead of immersing into books, we choose to listen to Justin Bieber’s new songs and to scroll through Instagram posts. We have come to completely neglect the simple pleasures of flipping through pages and getting to finally finish a story. Sherman Alexie and Stephan King’s essays attempt to revive this interest in books that has long been lost. They remind us of the important role that reading plays in our daily lives. “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me,” for instance, demonstrates how being literate saved the narrator from the oppressive nature of society. The author explains that even though he was capable of reading complex books at an astonishingly young age, he was not acknowledged because of his background. Moreover, he was discouraged from pursuing his interest in reading. Instead of conforming to these long-established prejudices, however, he resorted to prove them wrong and continued to read. King’s piece “Reading to Write,” similarly emphasizes the benefits of reading and encourages its audience to read. Nevertheless, he focuses more on the impact that it has on a writer. He claims that studying a poorly written composition is just as efficient and informative as perusing a novel such as The Grapes of Wrath. Although these two essays have somewhat different purposes and messages, they are both process analyses. Furthermore, Alexie and King rely on the use of anecdotes to convey their respective main points to their audiences. Alexie and King’s compositions are written for distinct purposes. While the former refers to reading as a tool against cultural persecution, the latter asserts that reading and writing are undeniably connected. More ... ... middle of paper ... ...esting opinion concerning mediocre writing. He says, “Every book you pick has its own lesson or lessons, and quite often the bad books have more to teach than the good ones” (p.221). Although these two essays differ in their contents and messages, the authors use the same rhetorical mode to write their essays. Both are process analyses, meaning that they develop their main argument and provide justification for it step by step. By employing this technique, the two authors create essays that are thoughtful, well supported, and easy to understand. In addition, Alexie and King both add a little personal touch to their writings as they include personal anecdotes. This has the effect of providing support for their arguments. Although the two essays have fairly different messages, the authors make use of anecdotes and structure their writing in a somewhat similar fashion.
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