The Joy Luck Club

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The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan shows a group of families and their difficulties throughout their lives. In a section of the novel Lindo Jong, a Chinese mother, is reflecting and explaining the past that she endured; especially one specific experience that had a severe impact on her life. She, like many other characters in novels, is eventually pulled into a situation where there are two possible choices which will affect the life of the character in an important way and in that scenario the character much make a difficult choice between the two. Lindo Jong was still young when this decision arose and was forced into an arranged marriage with another rich, well off family, the Huangs. Even though she was to marry the son of the family, once she arrived she realized her standing in the household as someone on par with a servant. After learning the work that a wife does, Jong begins enjoy the life there moderately because she perfected her cooking and other skills that were forced upon her. This allows her to live without being criticized by the wealthier family, due to her learned ski...

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