The Issue of Healthcare Reform in the United States

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Health care reform has been a topic of discussion in the United States since the early 19th century. According to Wikipedia, the earliest health care proposal at the federal level was the 1854 bill proposed by Dorothea Dix. The bill was approved by both houses of congress, but was veto by President Franklin Pierce. At that time, the president argued that that the federal government should not commit to social welfare, he believed that to be the responsibility of the states ( The United States has struggled with developing a comprehensive national health care plan for all of its citizens. There are many impediments to deal with concerning passing legislation for a thorough plan. National health care has been discussed, debated, studied, hoped for and advocated against. Funding a national health care plan by the federal government is a daunting task. We will attempt to identify some of the most prominent factors involved in the national health care debate. This paper will point out key facts pertaining to the history of the national health care idea in the United States, the attempts to introduce and pass legislation.
Health care reform is a controversial topic in governments around the world, especially with each country striving to create development that establish good policies and guidelines to ensure medical safety and protection of their citizens. From a general standpoint, healthcare reform is a phrase used to describe main health policy creations mostly by governmental policies that affect health care delivery within the government’s jurisdiction. According to Harrington & Crawford (2004), healthcare reforms attempts to achieve one or all of the following:
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