The Issue Of Sexual Education

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How many teenage girls do we see walking around with a belly carrying a baby ? It would surprise you if you got a count on pregnant teens . The U.S is on the lead with having teenagers pregnant and not only with one baby , but two . Sexual Education has been trying to make a difference in society and trying to reduce pregnancies and STD’s . Many teens don’t know the risk of having unprotected sexual activities . Sexual Transmited Diseases are striking in the U.S because of unprotected sex . Many teens have been losing their virginity before marriage , catching STD’s and becoming pregnant . They make us sign a virginity pledge that we won’t loose our virginity before we get married , but it is shown that those that sign it , are losing it rather than the one’s that don’t sign it . I myself as a teen find this situation frustrating . They talk to us about birth controls and condoms , yet many teens are still getting pregnant . They tell us to wear condoms if we are going to be sexually active , but how many times has it been broken and caused an unwanted pregnancy . Sexual Education has not been beneficial because many teenagers are doing otherwise than what they tell us .While teens will do what they feel if right , sex-ed is not being helpful in schools because teens are losing their virginity before marriage , many STD’s are striking in teens, and there are many teens that are becoming pregnant. A problem in society is that many teenagers are loosing their virginity before marriage. Throughout our teen years , they will promote sexual education and at the end of the course they will make us sign a virginity pledge . Everyone who signs, indicated that they will stay a virgin until they are married . But , due to stats , people ... ... middle of paper ... ...e pregnancy and STD’s . Condoms sometimes break , but it can really make a big difference in our life if we use every tool out there to prevent those events on happening .They are not only preventing pregnancies , but they are also reducing the risk of STD 's . There are many ways to besexually active and still be taking care of yourself . Using those methods can prevent unwanted pregnancies which will cause them to have a better future for their kids one day . Since sex-ed talks and pledges have not been beneficial , the only way they can help teens is by at least talking about protection if you choose to be sexually active . Nobody can tell you what to do , they can only advise you because at the end of the day , we are teens that want to explore new things . And , if we choose to be sexually active , we should use contraceptives to prevent pregnancies and STD 's.
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