The Israel and Palestine Conflict

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The Israel and Palestinian conflict has been going on for over a century now; it consisted of five wars since 1948. That isn’t counting the dozen of battles, raids, and skirmishes that also have taken place, all this for a piece of land. The Israel and Palestinians conflict was a fight over territory, and believed they had claim of the territory for an extremely long time. The territory is in Western Asia between both the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, and is surrounded by Arabia, Syria, and Egypt. This land has been in the hands of quite a few people; however, the Israel/Palestinian conflict began with the rule of the British mandate during 1922-1947. While the Israelis and the Palestinians both lay claim to the land of Palestine based on historical claims of geography and culture, the increasing religious intolerance on both sides prevents the two from living peacefully side by side.
During 1947 a plan to form two separate states one Jewish and the other Arab: this came about by the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine. While the Jews accepted the partition plan with seemingly little upset the Arabs rejected it. With the Arabs rejection came about a civil war later in the year of 1947, and a year later the establishment of the State of Israel came to be. “The Palestinians became dispossessed refugees throughout the Middle East after the state of Israel” This means that the Palestinians were forced out of their homes; thus, making them practically exiles. (Emadi) The remaining areas of Palestine were divided between Jordan and Egypt. During 1950-1967 most Palestinians lived in refugee camps, and unemployment and poverty was high in the Gaza Strip. “Arabs opposed the Israeli occupation of Palestine an...

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...pendence, May 15, 1948
“Palestine… is where the Palestinian Arab people were born, on which it grew, developed and exceled…. [Its] willed dispossession and expulsion… was achieved by organized terror. In Palestine and in exile, the Palestinian Arab people never faltered and never abandoned its conviction in its rights of return and independence….and the right of sovereignty over territory and homeland…. The Palestinian National Council… hereby declares the establishment of the State of Palestine on our Palestinian territory…
--Palestinian Declaration of Independence, November 15, 1988 (Yiftached)
Even though the Israel and Palestinian Conflict started out to be based on both of them having historical claims of geography and culture, it eventually turned in to a conflict of religion; thus, makes it almost to live side by side in a peaceful coexistence.

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