The Islamic Revolution and its Impac on Marji’s Family

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The Pahlavi dynasty caused Marji’s family and other Iranian citizens to become dysphonic. The dynasty mismanaged Iranian money and was manipulated by Western nations. Enmity grew towards the monarchy and ultimately the Iranian people wanted a revolution. Marji’s family had strong animosity toward the Shah. Many of Marji’s family members as well as others fought against the Shah. But the Islamic Revolution took a turn that many were not prepared for. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (The Shah), the son of Reza Shah took the throne after his father on September 16, 1941. The Shah continued his father’s politics and modernization of Iran. He proceeded to Westernize Iran by having the education structure “(primary, secondary, higher education)” (Wikipedia) standardized to the French’s structure. The Shah also had cinemas constructed in Iran. During the Shah’s regime oil was discovered becoming the new source of wealth for Iran. However the discovery of oil also became the reason for Western invasions. Once Great Britain was informed about the oil; they invaded Iran and gained control of the oil fields. The Majlis’s committee lead by the Prime Minister, Dr. Mohammed Mossadeq disagreed on how the Western nation’s company, Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) was profiting off of the oil and decided to nationalize the oil. On May 3, 1951, the Shah signed a bill nationalizing oil to end Great Britain's ownership of the oil industry. Great Britain enraged by the decision prohibited exportations of trade goods from Iran in September 1951. Great Britain also banned Iranian oil causing devastation to Iran’s economy. The effects of Great Britain’s displeasure caused The Shah to turn against Mossadeq and the people of Iran. The Central I... ... middle of paper ... ...n the Islamic Republic of Iran." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 17 Aug. 2010. . "Iran." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 16 Aug. 2010. . "Iranian Cultural Revolution." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 16 Aug. 2010. . "Iranian Revolution - Definition." Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - WordIQ Dictionary. Web. 17 Aug. 2010. . "Iran–Iraq War." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 16 Aug. 2010. . Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis: [the Story of a Childhood]. New York: Pantheon, 2003. Print.

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