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Hackers, a lot of people think of the same thing once they hear that word the first thing that pops in to your mind is of person with no life trying so hard to break into your home computer or into a federal website. A hacker can mean more than that it can a person that is trying to crack a game and make it better or it can just be a person who wants to know the in an outs of how a computer works.
The term hacker' class='brand-secondary'>hacker first originated in Massachusetts Institute of Technology “MIT” in the early 1960’s. it had nothing to do with computers when the word was first used in MIT the students made it up to describe the two types of student that they said existed the first one being a “TOOL” and the second one being a “Hacker” (Harvey). A “TOOL” was used to describe a student who will always get straight A’s and was always in class and when they where in break or out of class you can easily find them in a library. And a “HACKER” was a student who was never in class and slept all day and would rather be doing anything else at night rather than to be studying in other words the complete opposite as a “tool” they were a person who had to peruse a hobby at night and was dedicated to it (Harvey). Which in reality can sum up a hacker in this ere because he is someone who will most likely be resting in the day time and begin his hobby at night. Then in again in MIT in 1986 the term was used aging this time it was for building hackers who were people who go and access rooftops or tunnels that they were not authorized to be at (Harvey).
Now there is a hacker for almost anything that can be used electronically, for example there is a hacker for phones, cable TV boxes, people who hack ATM machines and cards, and the infamous computer hackers. The phone h...

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...t hacked because they will not know that there security defense is not good and will have to learn the hard way by getting hacked and trying to find out why it happened and how it happened. The government is also hiring hackers that have been found guilty of cyber threats like hacking into government websites like the F.B.I and also some Army base computers. And the government will hire them and pardon their charges so that they can help them beef up their security by trying to hack into their security systems and telling them how to fix it. So at the end we need hackers to help the government against threats and also to help out businesses in trying to help them get the best protection they can have so that way they wont get hacked and charged insane amounts of money by telephone hackers or hackers that take control of their systems and demand money to give it back.

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