Black Hat Hacking Essay

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In Computer security terminology Hacker is a person or group of persons, who exploit, modify and identify weakness in a computer system or network. Hacker may be motivates of reasons such as profit, protest and challenge. based on attitude, belief, and goals hacker groups are categories such as
Black hat
White hat
Grey hat
 Blue hat
Black hat: Black hat are the "hackers" which means they intentionally sent a malicious code into the computer system or network. black hat hackers are violate the rules of computer security. black hat hackers hack the system without authorization and destroy files or steal data for their purposes. black hat hackers will destroy secure network which is unusable access to user as a result authorize will get a downtime access of network.
Black hat hackers majorly damage computer users and large organizations by exploiting sensitive data, shutdown of servers and modifying data in websites and network.
Significance: Black hat hackers are very clever programmers but they violate computer security rules because of gaining access to other computer without authorize.
Beliefs: Black hat hackers having profound knowledge of internet and network security but they do things in negative way means illegal accessing of network or security.
Goals: Black hat hacker goal is to bypass the internet security or a breach. their goal is to creating a computer virus and sent to a person or large organization to exploit sensitive data from their purposes.
How different is black hats from other: Black hat hackers unethical hackers and other categories are ethical in some cases. black hat hacker...

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...crosoft products they hire employees from outside of firm for bug test why because any issues of product or to find vulnerability. blue hat hackers are having authorized access to find the vulnerability in a product.
Significance: blue hats plays a crucial role in testing bug of a product before release in market. belief, goals, and different from others:
 Their goal is to improve the quality of a product to users.
 To find any error in a product and fix the errors by testing tools
 blue hat usually do find errors before releasing of a product

My personal feelings and reactions:
This particular assignment I have learn lot of new things regarding different colored hats in hacking. before done this assignment I have idea about hacking and some types of attacks now I have learn what is black hat, white hat, grey hat, blue hat and their importance, goals
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