The Internal Business Environment in Zimbabwe

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The Internal Business Environment in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe is one among the low-income economies located within the sub-Saharan part of Africa. Like any other country throughout the world, the state of Zimbabwe has a number of factors that affect its general business environment. These factors range from the internal to external factors of a business environment, and play a major role in the determination of the economic status of the country. It is a given that many countries throughout the word, especially within the African continent fall under the third world category of global classification of nations based on their economic statuses, the levels of advancement in the industrialization sector, the political situation, and many other factors that are paramount in the governance of any economy. It is a given that Zimbabwe, just many other states within the Asian, South American, and African continents fall under this category.
This paper will comprehensively analyze the internal factors that affect the business environment of Zimbabwe. The internal factors of business environment of any country include all the factors that are under the control of the governance of that particular state, and directly affect the diverse operations that exit in its business environment. Such factors include the taxation policy of the country, the wage burden of all its employees, the education systems of the country, the level of infrastructure development, the political stability of the state, the strength of its currency, the level of inflation, and many more. All these factors lie within the capabilities of the state, and every nation has all
the control over them. As a result, it is the responsibility of every nation, through its polit...

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... new economic reforms. This is needed to allow the company to become internationally competitive. By stimulating fair competition and rewarding performing companies are the aim of the economic reforms adopted in Zimbabwe ().
The employment law in Zimbabwe demands that employees be hired on fixed term contracts. This will ensure that the employee is assured to the working period. Any violation of this law will
lead to persecution. The legal structure in Zimbabwe is developed to ensure fairness and equality in all industry. This is in plight to rescue the country from the difficult economic situation it is in
In conclusion, bussiness enviroment can have a diverse effect on the company if possible measure to adjust to fit into such conditions are not dealt with. More so, external factors can not be controlled but the company can improvise ways to handle them.

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