The Importance of the Three Weird Sisters to William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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The Importance of the Three Weird Sisters to William Shakespeare's Macbeth

How important are the "Three weird sisters" to the play of "Macbeth"?

Comment on their dramatic importance, their contribution to the plot

and their connection to the development to themes in the play. How

does Shakespeare interest and entertain his Elizabethan audience?

Comment on his use of language and theatre in achieving this.

I believe that the "three weird sisters" play a very important role to

"Macbeths" play. The witches are the first characters to appear on the

stage. When the witches first appear on stage, but as we get further

on into the play we start understanding what role they have been

playing and it shows that they are an extremely bad influence on

"Macbeth". They chant in rhyme and rhyme, which is like a spell and

the audience, shows suspense. "Fair is foul ". I think they have

influenced Macbeth all through the play for his killings

The first thing we hear about Macbeth is that he is a brave warrior

(Act 1 scene 2). He dies bravely too, but he is also a cold

calculating killer (Act 1 scene 2) .He murders Duncan because he wants

to be king he also has Macduffs family and Banquo killed. This is

mainly because of the witches at the very start of the play and their

actions what they do to Macbeth, with their rhymes and chants. Some

people think Macbeth must be evil because of all the terrible crimes

he commits such as killing Duncan because he is very ambitious. I

believe strongly that the witches persuaded and mixed with Macbeth for

his actions. The witches are the main contribution to the plot because

if it was never for them and there prophesies then none of it would

ever have happened. It was after Macbeth met the witched an heard

there prophesies that he turned to the 'dark' side.

When the witches first appear on the stage, there is a lot of tension

from the Elizabethan audience, as they believed very strongly in
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