The Importance of Information and Communications Technology

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The Importance of Information and Communications Technology Information and communications technology (ICT) is generally regarded as the overlap of computer information and telecommunications technologies, and their applications. In this document the term ICT is used to indicate the whole range of technologies involved in information processing and electronic communications, including the internet, electronic mail and videoconferencing. In recent years ICT has had, and is continuing to have, an increasingly significant impact on all aspects of society. There are few areas of life, at home and in work, where this new technology has not made an impact. ICT expands our access to, and understanding of, the world at large. It allows people in all areas life to benefit from the power of computers as a personal tool, to collaborate in groups and to communicate locally and globally. The importance of ICT cannot be overestimated. Young people in our schools today will require considerable ICT knowledge, skills and awareness if they are to be successful in their futures, and the economy will depend on a high level of ICT capability from its people if it is to develop technologically and to compete internationally. As well as the need to develop ICT knowledge and skills for both individuals and society at large, ICT also offers the education process one of the most potentially powerful learning tools available. Not only can computers support learning across the whole curriculum, but communication networks also provide the learner with fast and searchable access to vast amounts of information. In addition to this, ICT supports a wide ra... ... middle of paper ... ... relate to the development of the knowledge, skills and informed attitudes of individual pupils; thus the aim is: · to develop in young people knowledge, skills and informed attitudes in relation to information and communications technology. A number of objectives derive from this broad statement of aim. ICT in 5-14 will encourage pupils to: · develop confidence and skills in using ICT · make use of ICT to create and present their own ideas and material · use ICT to collect and analyse structured information and to solve problems · employ ICT to search for information and to research topics · use ICT to communicate and collaborate with others · employ ICT to control and model aspects of the environment · be aware of and be informed about the applications and implications of ICT in society.
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